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Keyboard Shortcuts

Get the most out of Sequel Pro by remembering the following keyboard shortcuts.

Main Tabs

Table Structure⌘   1
Table Content⌘   2
Table Relations⌘   3
Table Info⌘   4
Custom Query⌘   5
Table Triggers⌘   6

General Shortcuts

New Window (Connection File)⌘   N
New Tab(Connection File)⌘   T
Add Connection To Favorites⇧   ⌘   A
Open (Connection File or SQL File)⌘   O
Open current Connection File in New Window⌥   ⌘   O
Save (Connection File)⌘   S
Save As (Connection File)⇧  ⌘   S
Save Query^  ⌘   S
Close (Connection File)⌘   W
Close All (Connection File)⌥   ⌘   W
Print⌘   P
Import⇧   ⌘   I
Show Console Window⇧   ⌘   K
Clear Console⌘   K
Back in History⌃   ⌥   ←
Forward in History⌃   ⌥   →
Select Next Tab⌃   ⇥
Select Previous Tab⌃   ⇧   ⇥
Insert NULL value⌃   ⇧   N
Copy Create Table Syntax⇧   ⌘   C
Show Create Table Syntax⌥   ⌘   S
Refresh Databases⇧   ⌘   R
Choose Database⇧   ⌘   D
Show Server Variables⇧   ⌘   V
Show Server Processes⌥   ⌘   P
Refresh Tables⌃   ⌘   R
Flush Privileges⇧   ⌘   F
User Accounts…⌘   U
Copy selection / Copy selected row(s)⌘   C
Copy selected row(s) with column names⌥   ⌘   C
Copy selected row(s) as SQL INSERT⌃   ⌥   ⌘   C
Show/Hide Toolbar⇧   ⌘   T
Filter Table Content⌃   ⌘   F
Filter Tables⌃   ⌥   ⌘   F
Bundle Editor⌃   ⌥   ⌘   B
Navigator⌃   ⌥   ⌘   N


Select current word⌃   W
Select current line⌃   L
Select enclosing brackets⇧   ⌘   B
Select all⌘   A

Table Structure Tab

Add a new field⌥   ⌘   A
Delete selected field
Duplicate selected field⌘   D
Refresh table structure⌘   R
Edit table details⌘   4

Table Content Tab

Add a new row⌥   ⌘   A
Delete selected row(s)
Duplicate selected row⌘   D
Refresh table contents⌘   R

Custom Query Tab

Version 1.0 and later
Run all queries⌥   ⌘   R
Run current query or selection or ⌘   R
Versions and earlier
Run all queries or ⌘   R
Run current query or selection⌥   ⌘   R
Shift line or selection rightwards⌘   [
Shift line or selection leftwards⌘   ]
(Un)Comment line or selection⌘   /
(Un)Comment current query⌥   ⌘   /
Completion (narrow-down list / fuzzy search)
    Insertion of an item ,  , Double-Click
    Insertion full schema reference +  ,     ,    Double-Click
    Keep Window Open after Insertionholding down while insertion
    Fuzzy Search   
    Close Window
Spell Checker Completion (narrow-down list)F5
Select current query⌃   Y
Show MySQL help for current word or selection⌃   H
Open query favorites popup menu⌥   ⌘   F
Open query history popup menu⌥   ⌘   Y
Insert previous history item (successively)⌃ +  ↑
Insert next history item (successively)⌃   ↓
Show all database names as completion list⌥   ⌘   1
Show all table and view names as completion list⌥   ⌘   2
Show all table names from current database as completion list⌥   ⌘   3

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